2020’s Top 5 Blog Posts

2020’s Top 5 Blog Posts

2020 was a challenging year, but one of the things that helped us stay positive and excited was working on our blog. Our blog is how we can share our favourite projects and new technology with our community. As 2021 begins, we have dug into our website analytics to discover our 5 most popular posts of 2020. Check them out!


Sterilize Your Vehicle’s Interior

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many of us are spending a whole lot more time at home than we are accustomed to. While engaging in social distancing, we are essentially homebound, except for short trips to the grocery store and pharmacy.

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Automatic Car Washes: The Truth

We understand why people are tempted by automatic car washes. Simply by spending a few bucks after filling up your tank, you can get your car cleaned by a hurricane of soap and water without even stepping out of your vehicle.

Here’s why you might want to reconsider the automatic car wash


The Drawbacks of Ceramic Coatings

Contrary to things you may have read on the Internet, ceramic coatings are not a magic elixir that will make your car’s paint bulletproof. While they are the most effective and durable protective coating available for modern vehicles, they are not invincible.

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The Proper Way to Wash

The best way to make sure your car makes it from detail to detail is to give it a proper wash. This means avoiding the drive-through car wash at the gas station and going back to basics at home.

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What Tree Sap Does to Your Car

Acid rain and industrial fallout are two of the most concerning varieties of automotive paint-destroying pollution. While these terms are alarming, and should not be ignored, one of the most severe types of fallout have nothing to do with industry or air pollution.

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