Ceramic Coatings

CJ's Autobling is proud to offer Xpel Ceramic Coatings, available in a variety levels of durability, hydrophobicity, and gloss levels. Xpel's true nano technology provides an unparalleled level of protection. Our formulas penetrate into the existing paint structure of your vehicle giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Offering total protection. best in class warranty. exclusive formulas.

Xpel Lite Ceramic

Fusion Plus Lite from Xpel provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness, durability gloss and hydrophobic properties.

Fusion Plus Lite is a high-quality ceramic coating that provides resistance to light scratches and fading. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

Starting at $1250-$1500

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Xpel Premium Ceramic

Xpel Premium Ceramic is our most durable ceramic coating. Xpel Ceramic Premium builds on the highly successful and robust DNA of Ceramic Plus by further enhancing the solids (nanoparticles and proprietary resin).

Xpel Premium Ceramic provides exceptional resistance to light scratches, stains, and fading. It improves surface clarity to increase colour depth – leaving paint or PPF with a smooth, slick finish.

Starting at $2000-$2500

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Xpel Satin Ceramic

Xpel Fusion Plus SATIN is a unique ceramic coating specifically for satin paint and Xpel Stealth™ paint protection film. It delivers excellent protection and hydrophobicity to keep your satin finish looking great.

4 Year Warranty

For Matte Paint or PPF

Hydrophobic & Easy Cleaning

Starting at $750

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Wheel & Caliper

Ceramic Wheel & Caliper was developed to protect from harsh conditions of vehicle wheels and turn wheel cleaning into easy mode!. This Thick & Durable ceramic nano coating invites extreme conditions because it was designed for high temperatures and a constant barrage of intense contamination.

With an extremely high solids content (70%), it stands up to the daily beating delivered by road contamination and brake dust.

Starting at $250

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Xpel Tire Coating

Xpel Tire Coating is a semi-permanent tire protection and shine, meant to keep your tires looking shiny like they were just dressed for over a year.

With Xpel Tire Coating, tire sling is a thing of the past. Forget about messing with expensive greasy silicon-based tire dressings ever again. Simply wash your tires with every car wash to reveal a freshly cleaned and dressed look.

Four tires for $200

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Textile & Leather

With Xpel Upholstery & Leather protectant stains are a thing of the past! Repel spills and prevent stains on carpets, leather, vinyl, and other fabrics while retaining the factory feel and finish.

We can also protect your plastic and trim surfaces, offering unrivalled protection against fading and weathering from UV rays.

Spill Protection

UV Fade Protection

Easy Cleaning

Starting at $250

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PPF & Vinyl

Xpel PPF & Vinyl Ceramic is a coating specifically designed to protect the porous surface of Vinyl or Self Healing Paint Protection Films (PPF). Originally engineered for water spot protection, the high surface tension (hydrophobic properties) of Vinyl & PPF helps keep surfaces cleaner for longer.

Additionally, Vinyl & PPF enhances the gloss to standard PPF while allowing matte Vinyl and PPF to retain their dulled appearance.

Starting at $500

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