The Drawbacks of Ceramic Coatings

The Drawbacks of Ceramic Coatings

Contrary to things you may have read on the Internet, ceramic coatings are not a magic elixir that will make your car’s paint bulletproof. While they are the most effective and durable protective coating available for modern vehicles, they are not invincible.

Here at CJ’s, we pride ourselves on being completely up-front and honest with our clients. We think it’s important that you fully understand a product before spending your hard earned money.

By applying a ceramic coating, you are preserving the flawless showroom finish that you fell in love with. Protecting your paint with a ceramic coating lets you enjoy your vehicle everyday like it’s brand new.

In the interest of being forthcoming, here are a few of the drawbacks of ceramic coatings that we think are worth mentioning:


This is definitely the first that comes to mind. A bottle of carnauba wax is usually less than $20, so why would anyone spend $1000 on a ceramic coating? Many people don’t see the value of vehicle protection the same way we do. We think that the value comes down to two things: the overall ROI (return on investment) of the service, and the amount of satisfaction you feel every time you look at your car.

When you compare the upfront cost of a ceramic coating with the recurring costs of regular professional waxes and details throughout the year, year after year, the value starts to make sense. Consider that a high quality ceramic coating will perform for years to come with almost zero expensive maintenance; you get to recoup all that money you would’ve otherwise spent on detailing. Combine that with the value-retention that comes from proper maintenance, and ceramic coatings pay for themselves.

The ROI is pretty good, but the real “bang for your buck” comes down to their incredible performance – learn more about what individual coating formulas offer right here. By applying a ceramic coating, you are preserving the flawless showroom finish that you fell in love with. Protecting your paint with a ceramic coating lets you enjoy your vehicle everyday like it’s brand new.

Coating Failure

This one is a total disaster, but it’s easy to avoid. Professional installations rarely experience complications because pros are able to prepare the car in adequately controlled and ventilated areas, have access to training and professional application tools, and are experienced at applying coatings. DIY coatings should be treated with extreme caution, as manufacturers prioritize ease-of-application over actual performance of the formula.

Ceramic coatings form a molecular bond with the clear coat, rather than sitting on top like a sealant or wax. This means that they will never chip or flake off. Over time, due to environmental stresses, coatings eventually will wear away and need replacing. The good news is that this typically takes 3-7 years, depending on the quality of coating and how the vehicle is used. That’s a whole lot of stress-free driving.

Water Spots

This is a problem that catches many people off guard. While ceramic coatings completely revolutionize your maintenance routine (in a good way) by making your vehicle effortless to clean, you still need to be careful about water spots. They are avoided easily enough by utilizing proper washing techniques – such as avoiding direct sunlight, drying your car with a towel, and parking under cover when possible.

If water spots occur, we can remove them for you. Just stop by our shop or send us a message and we can help you out. To be clear, ceramic coatings don’t make your vehicle more susceptible to water spots than an untreated vehicle, you just need to take the same precautions that you always have.

Avoid Headaches, Trust the Pros

Ceramic coatings could be the biggest upgrade your vehicle has ever experienced. Due to the potential for life-changing effect, there’s no point settling for a middle-of-the-road job. At CJ’s Autobling, we use the best products the market has to offer and treat every vehicle like it is our own. You won’t believe your eyes when you come to collect your ride, and you get to enjoy that same feeling every time you look at your car.

Getting a ceramic coating for your car is a big decision, so we’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Reach out to us here, or just read more about the service right here.