What to Expect From Ceramic Coatings

What to Expect From Ceramic Coatings

The popularity of ceramic coatings in the automotive industry has been exploding in the last couple years. Many of the benefits of ceramic coatings are astounding, but it’s important to know the limitations as well as the benefits so you can make an informed decision.

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Here is a break down of what exactly you can expect from high-quality ceramic coatings.


Simply put, hydrophobic means “very, very water repellent”. Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic layer all over your vehicle, meaning water will be repelled instantaneously. That’s why you see water beading off the surface of vehicles with ceramic coatings, but clinging to the surface of untreated vehicles. As water can’t stick to your vehicle, neither can most dirt, grime, or mud.

For you, this means that you won’t have to wash your car as often, it will be easier to wash when you do, and the result will be glossy perfection.

Mud & Dirt Repellent

Ceramic coatings do much better at protecting the surface of your car than the clear coat alone. As water is so aggressively repelled from your car’s surface, mud, dirt, and grime don’t have the chance to stick. Snow and ice also shed right off.

Protection against UV Damage, Oxidization, and Rust

Automotive paint is faded by oxidation caused by the sun’s UV radiation. The sun’s powerful UV rays also break down the clear coat, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to rust. The ceramic coating creates a layer of armour which protects your paint from oxidation and UV-related break down.

The ceramic coating creates a layer of armour which protects your paint from oxidation and UV-related break down.

Improved Durability

Ceramic coatings are much more effective at protecting your car’s surface than an ordinary paint job. The coating bonds with your vehicle’s surface on a molecular level, meaning it can’t be shaken off by vibrations or dislodged by external force. All this means that the coating lasts for years.

Adding a layer of ceramic coating is like adding a layer of armour to your vehicle.

Is There Anything Ceramic Coating Can’t Do?

Of course. Ceramic coatings aren’t a magical solution to all your vehicle woes. Even the best ceramic coating you can buy won’t make your car bulletproof. They can’t stop big rock chips, prevent dings, or replace proper care of maintenance, and they don’t last forever.

A vehicle with a ceramic coating still needs to be dusted, washed, and cleaned. The difference that ceramic coatings make is that maintaining your paint will be faster and easier than ever, and the results will be better than you can imagine.

If your vehicle mean more to you than a way from A to B, it deserves more than an ordinary paint job. Give us a shout and we can talk to you about proper vehicle protection and how to keep your beloved rig in showroom condition for years to come.