Make 2022 The Best Year Yet

Make 2022 The Best Year Yet

We are always trying to find ways for our customers to get better value out of their detailing budget. In this post, we’ll discuss our two most popular services, and how you can best take advantage of each.

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Complete Detail

The complete detail is the flagship service of any detailing shop. It involves meticulous cleaning of every square inch of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. A complete detail will transform even the most cosmetically neglected vehicle into a showroom-ready work of art.

When people see the results of a complete detail, they are always blown away. The interior vacuum and steam cleaning will leave the inside of your car looking (and smelling!) brand new. And the way we clean, refresh, and polish the exterior will have your jaw hitting the floor.

A complete detail typically requires an appointment and is completed by a team of detailers over a full day. It is not normally a weekly procedure, instead, it is a way to treat your vehicle and yourself once or twice a year.

When people see the results of a complete detail, they are always blown away.

Quick Washes

Quick washes are like a “lite” edition of the complete detail. These can usually be performed on-demand or can be scheduled to fit your calendar. The standard quick wash includes an exterior wash and dry, as well as cleaned wheels and dressed tires. The Quick Wash Plus includes everything in the standard version, plus an interior vacuum and wipe down of the dash.

Quick washes can be thought of like a pick me up. If a vehicle has been seriously neglected, a quick wash won’t be enough to bring it back to like-new condition. However, quick washes are the perfect way to maintain a regularly detailed vehicle between extensive details.

The Power Couple

The real power couple of automotive detailing is yearly or bi-yearly Complete Details and regular (monthly-or-so) Quick Washes, with maybe every other wash being a “Quick Wash Plus”.

Quick Washes on their own are great, but eventually, every vehicle needs more attention. Complete Details are amazing, but it ends up costing you a lot of time and money to have them done over and over again.

By combining services like this, you get the best of both worlds. Your Complete Details will bring your car back to its original beauty, and the Quick Washes let you enjoy this like-new finish all the time. It’s like you are driving a brand new car, every day.

Here at CJ’s, we are passionate about helping our customers develop detailing strategies that fit their goals, priorities, budget, and time frame. Give us a call or send a message if you’d like to talk about the program that will be right for you.