Four Ceramic Coating Myths

Four Ceramic Coating Myths

In the last few years, the popularity of ceramic coatings has been absolutely skyrocketing. Given their viral popularity, myths and outright false information have infiltrated the discussion. Ceramic coatings are an incredible technology that represents a serious step up in automotive maintenance, but they aren’t a “miracle solution” that will make your ride invincible.

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In this article we set straight a few of the most pervasive myths surrounding ceramic coatings, so you can make the most informed decision possible.


Ceramic Coatings Don’t Need to be Maintained

This myth is understandable, but really needs to be clarified. The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings will make washing your vehicle faster and easier than ever, but it still needs to be washed with soap and water. Many people also believe that a vehicle with a ceramic coating can be washed with water without soap. If anyone tells you this RUN AWAY – a proper wash requires lubrication, which is the primary function of the soap.

Your vehicle will be faster and easier to clean than ever, but you still have to do it!


Your Vehicle Will Be Immune from Stone Chips

Ceramic coatings are too thin to protect your vehicle from chips caused by high-velocity rocks on the highway. Premium paint protection films are the only way to protect your car from serious rock chips, luckily, you can have both PPF and ceramic coatings on your vehicle and reap the benefits from both.


New Vehicles Don’t Require Preparation Before a Ceramic Coating

Unfortunately, even brand new cars often come with minor paint defects usually caused by improper buffing at the factory, damage during transportation, or incorrect washing at the dealership. This applies to all car companies, whether you’ve bought a Honda or a Zonda. Fortunately, meticulous vehicle preparation is conducted for every car, truck, van, or SUV that is brought through our doors at CJ’s. So whether your ride is factory-fresh or a well-loved part of the family, we’ve got your back.


You Can D.I.Y. a Ceramic Coating

There are two major reasons to avoid DIY ceramic coatings: preparation and coating quality. To properly prepare a vehicle for a ceramic coating, you need perfect lighting and a perfectly clean and well-ventilated area. Any dust that finds its way from your garage ceiling to the surface of your car while you apply the coating at home will result in a sub-par finish.

The other reason is that manufacturers only offer premium ceramic coatings to professional detailing companies. That is because the higher-quality coatings are trickier to apply, and the manufacturers only trust properly trained and experienced detailers with their products. If you are investing in ceramic coatings, you want the best, so bring your ride to us.