7 Reasons Why Drivers Choose Ceramic

7 Reasons Why Drivers Choose Ceramic

Ceramic coatings are one of the greatest accomplishments in nano-technology, and is primed to completely redefine how we think of automotive paint. Despite the incredible power of this new technology, many people are still unaware of its benefits.

In this post, we are going to cover the major benefits of ceramic coatings for cars, and how you can get the most from them. Here is why ceramic coatings are the next big step in automotive detailing.



Although ceramic coatings and waxes sort of set out to complete the same job, they are really incomparable. Waxes and sealants require constant reapplication to remain effective because they can be easily broken down and washed away.

Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, can only be removed by abrasion. That means that once a ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle, the paint will be protected for YEARS.



Possibly the biggest advantage to high quality ceramic coatings are their ability to self-heal. That means that small scratches or scuffs in the coating will disappear before your eyes.

At CJ’s Autobling, we have 3 varieties of self-healing ceramic coatings: Feynlab Ceramic Plus, Feynlab Self-Heal Lite, and Feynlab Self-Heal Plus. That means that there is a self-healing coating for everyone.


100% Chemical Resistance

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings are 100% chemical resistance. That means that you can drive confidently without fear of bird droppings and tree sap. While your vehicle is ceramic-coated, it will stay protected from chemical damage.

It’s still important to clean off any …deposits… made by birds or trees, but a ceramic coating means that your paint will remain completely unharmed.


Rust and Oxidation Resistance

We all know that car paint looks beautiful, but its primary purpose is to protect your car’s metallic body panels from rust. Protecting your paint with ceramic coatings is the best preventative measure you can take against automotive rust.


Temperature and UV Protective

Unless the temperature exceeds a balmy 760 degrees Celsius, your ceramic coating won’t be affected by ambient heat. The coating is also UV protective, meaning that your entire paint job will be protected against solar fading.


Unparalleled Gloss and Shine

Do you remember how beautiful your car was the day you picked it up? If you want to restore that incredible lustre, there is no better alternative than ceramic coatings. Before applying a coating, we give your car the royal treatment. For ceramic coatings to be effective, the surface needs to be absolutely clean and polished – so it’s a good thing that CJ’s Autobling is also the best detail shop around.


Dirt and Water Repellence

Ceramic coatings are incredibly hydrophobic, meaning that water will bead off your car the way it beads off a brand new rain jacket. While this property doesn’t eliminate the needs for washing your car once in a while, it does mean that every wash will be easier and faster than you can imagine, and the result will be absolutely staggering. Every. Single. Time.

Why You Need to Find a Good Dealer

If you look around enough, you will realize that there are lots of places where you can go to get a ceramic coating applied – you can even pick up a bottle of ceramic coating from the hardware store and go the DIY route.

What you need to keep in mind is that even though ceramic coatings are very powerful technology, their effectiveness is only as good as the application process allows. When you choose to invest in the best technology available, it just makes sense to have the coatings applied by the best technicians around.


Ceramic coatings are the culmination of years of meticulous scientific research and testing. At CJ’s Autobling, we exclusively deal in Feynlab Nano Ceramic Coatings because we know that they offer the highest quality possible. There is a Feynlab product to fit every budget and specification.

Ceramic coatings are the next big step in auto maintenance because they offer incredible protection for your vehicle, and therefore help you maintain the value of your ride. Get started today.