5 Ways to Boost Value

5 Ways to Boost Value

Unless you pick a future classic car and hold onto it for a few decades, vehicle depreciation is unavoidable. The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do to maintain the value of your vehicle. With just a little attention and investment, you can keep your vehicle in remarkably “like-new” condition.

Mileage and Mechanics

Mileage matters. Completing your weekly errands in single trips, rather than many short trips over the course of the week, can make a huge impact in the overall mileage of your vehicle. When you decide to sell or trade-in your car, small efforts in reducing its mileage can add up to thousands of dollars of value.

Simple mechanical upkeep is also incredibly important. Any intelligent buyer will ask to see service records, and you want them to like what they see. Ignoring a check engine light and skipping oil changes will cost you money in the short run (on inevitable repairs) and the long run, when you decide to sell or trade-in.


If you’re buying a new car, one of the fun things you get to do is select which options you want to add. On the resale market, things that improve safety will be valued. In addition to this, luxury options like leather seats, sun roofs, navigation systems, and remote start will add to the value of the vehicle. Rather than seeing these options as a sunk-cost, think of them as investments.

The best way you can protect your vehicle’s interior, for your own enjoyment as well as for its eventual resale value, is with a Textile & Leather Coating.

Interior Condition

Over time, things like spilled food, smoking, and pets will cause damage to the interior of your car. If you are a smoker, do your best to smoke before or after driving your car – not while you’re inside.

While regular interior details do a great job of restoring leather, wood, plastic, and upholstery, there is no cure as good as prevention. The best way you can protect your vehicle’s interior, for your own enjoyment as well as for its eventual resale value, is with a Textile & Leather Coating. These coatings protect your interior from everyday wear and tear, preserving it in factory-fresh condition for the life of the car.

Exterior Condition

While we’d like to think that we are all rational beings that will make our used-car buying decisions based on mechanical functionality and maintenance reports, we are all swayed by how a vehicle looks. The first impression that your car makes to a potential buyer is important, so it’s in your best interest to make sure the exterior of your ride is well taken care of. A well-maintained exterior indicates to buyers and trade-in lots that you took good care of the whole car – inside and out.

There is no better protection for your paint than ceramic coatings. Read more about all the incredible benefits of ceramic coatings by clicking here.

Market Conditions

If you’re selling, you need to consider the consumer demand for your vehicle. Is it a particularly cold January? Probably not the best time to sell your convertible Porsche.

If you’re considering doing a trade-in, think of when the lots will be looking to add vehicles to their inventory. Many people shop for vehicles after getting their tax refunds – you could time your trade-in to take advantage of this insider tip.

Keep Things Simple

There’s no secrets to maintaining the value of your car. As long as you focus on proper maintenance, mechanical and aesthetic, your used car will stand out from the bunch. In addition to commanding a higher resale value, if you enjoy using your car, you might just hold onto it for a few more years.

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