Is Matte Paint Right for You?

Is Matte Paint Right for You?

Matte paint, an increasingly trendy and popular feature of modern cars, is known for its non-glossy finish that doesn’t reflect light the way a normal paint job does. Matte paint is also typically rough to the touch.

In the early days of matte paint, manufacturers would warn drivers that the clear coat could be destroyed in as little as 20 minutes by bird droppings. So keeping it clean was mandatory, but a shiny spot would be created if it was too thoroughly scrubbed. So you had to keep it exceptionally clean, but not be too excited while you do it.

Matte paint has come a long way since the early days. Durability has improved a huge amount, which is why the popularity of matte paint has boomed.

How does matte paintwork?

Most automotive paint is composed of three layers: primer, pigment, and clear coat. With matte paint, the first two are the same. The only difference between conventional auto paint and matte paint is that the clear coat dries to a rough texture. Rather than reflecting light, the rough texture scatters it, giving the desired appearance.

Manufacturers and aftermarket shops offer matte finishes, and the popularity is exploding. Customers who decide to go matte are generally looking to stand out from the crowd and be different; despite the growth of popularity, matte finishes are still quite unique.

How do I know if a matte finish is right for me?

People who shy away from matte paint, despite how cool it looks, usually do so for one of the following reasons: concerns about long-term durability, uncertainty about maintenance procedures, and falling victim to common myths.

Caring for matte paint isn’t much more difficult or complicated than caring for regular paint, you just need to know what you’re doing. You need to purchase special cleaners, sealants, and polishes in order to keep the clear coat in proper condition. Drive-through car washes should be avoided by all car owners, but ESPECIALLY if you own a vehicle with matte paint. There are sealants and coatings available to offer maximum protection and durability.

The most important thing to remember is that traditional waxing, polishing, or claying will ruin a matte finish. Fortunately, most people who are interested in matte paint do the necessary research and are happy to abide by the specific products and procedures necessary for the best result.

How We Can Help

Don’t worry about bringing your matte vehicle to CJ’s Autobling. We have the appropriate products, skill, and desire to give your car a full exterior (and interior!) detail without you having to worry that we’ll damage the finish.

If you are on the fence about getting matte paint for your car, we would suggest you try out a matte wrap. Wrapping is a cheaper, durable, and easily reversible way to see if you like the look of a matte finish on your car, without taking on all the headaches associated with true matte paint. Not only do matte wraps look amazing, but they’ll protect your existing paint job while they are installed.

Does your matte ride need some work? Bring it by our shop or give us a shout, we’re always happy to chat about your latest automotive project.