Can You DIY a Ceramic Coating?

Can You DIY a Ceramic Coating?

In many ways, ceramic coatings are the new kid on the block in the world of automotive detailing. Vehicles that are treated with nano-ceramic coatings enjoy protection from minor scratches, chemical agents, and UV damage, as well as easier maintenance.

What’s Out There?

High-end detailing shops are starting to hop on the bandwagon of ceramic coatings because they recognize their value to motorists. Some consumers are put off by the cost of professional installation and decide to go the DIY route. DIYers must be extremely careful, because if a ceramic coating is done incorrectly, you may experience a disaster.

At CJ’s Autobling, we guarantee every job we do. If you aren’t happy, we’ll make it right. Simple as that.

Which is Right for You? DIY or Professional?


There are a ton of ceramic coating products available on both the commercial and DIY markets. Generally speaking, ceramic coatings add credibility to the saying “you get what you pay for”. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest solutions out there, or that $99 internet special could cost you down the road.

Professional shops get access to products that consumers can’t buy directly. That is because the manufacturers of the highest quality coatings understand the importance of professional application. At CJ’s Autobling, we only deal with Feynlab products, which represent the best ceramic coatings available today. Coatings of this quality are exclusive to the professional market and are a perfect example of why it’s best to go pro.


A proper application of ceramic coating requires lots of time. Before a bottle of coating is even opened, the car must be paint corrected and detailed from bumper to bumper. During the entire preparation, the car needs to be kept absolutely clean and dust free.

Every car that comes through our door receives comprehensive multi-stage paint correction, which includes deep cleaning, paint repair and correction, and buffing. Application of the coating is done by experienced professionals so that you can be sure to avoid high spots that require further buffing.


In order to properly DIY a ceramic coating, you would need to have all the proper tools to eliminate scratches, swirl marks, and watermarks (and that is assuming that your paint is in perfect condition). Detailing shops have the proper tools, not to mention the proper know-how, to get the job done right and quickly.


Providers of cheap DIY coatings, and installers of sub-standard coatings, will not stand by their work. Make sure that the products and services you choose come with after-sales customer service and some kind of warranty.

At CJ’s Autobling, we guarantee every job we do. If you aren’t happy, we’ll make it right. Simple as that. Get started today by getting in touch.