Effortless Interiors

Effortless Interiors

There are almost limitless reasons to have your car detailed. Maybe you are attending a fancy event, going on a big date, or want to make a good impression at an important meeting. An exterior detail is the best way to guarantee that you roll up in style.

But on the other hand, the interior of your car is where you and your passengers actually spend the most amount of time. While a beautiful exterior will make a fantastic initial impression, a spotless interior will keep the good feelings going.

The legendary performance of ceramic coatings isn't reserved for the outside of your vehicle.

Restoring the interior of any vehicle is incredibly satisfying (for our clients, and for us!). Our clients ask us all the time how they can best maintain the quality of their interior finish, especially on leather seats and other textiles. In this article, we’ll talk about the interior detailing process itself, as well as how you can keep the interior perfect for as long as possible.

How We Detail

With every interior detail, we start at the top and work down. Step one is to clean and dry all the windows to a streak-free shine. After the windows are done, we begin working on the vinyl and leather of the dashboard. All the vinyl and leather in your vehicle will get a conditioning treatment that starts with a deep clean to remove every last speck of dust and grime. After everything is spotless, we apply products that rejuvenate and protect your leather and vinyl. Finally, the whole cockpit gets dressed to look as good as it did on day one.

Now it’s time to work on the fabric and upholstery. Carpets require the deepest clean of all your car’s interior. Carpets and other upholstery get a shampoo with powerful cleaners that remove all traces of stains and smells that may be hiding deep within. Our technicians repeat this process until the upholstery is flawless. You will notice the suppleness of the fabric return as years of moisture, dirt, and odours are removed.

Extend the Detail

The best way to preserve your interior detail is with an application of Feynlab Textile & Leather. The legendary performance of ceramic coatings isn’t reserved for the outside of your vehicle.

Feynlab Textile & Leather is a silica/fluro based coating engineered for extreme durability and hydrophobicity. Textile & Leather is versatile and designed for interior cloth seats, carpets, and convertible fabric tops. Once treated, surfaces are simple to clean and are safeguarded against accidental spills and stains of all kinds including common oils. Feynlab Textile & Leather will make your interior one of a kind.

An application of Textile & Leather is the simplest, fastest, and best way to protect all your car’s interior surfaces. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout – we’re always happy to chat.