Xpel PPF Protects Your Investment 24/7/365

Xpel PPF Protects Your Investment 24/7/365

Paint Protection Film Protects Your Investment 

Vehicles get us to where we need to be, and most of us take pride in the condition of our rides. Making sure the paint is in perfect condition is the obvious place to start when it comes to vehicle aesthetics.

Warranties, car alarms, and car covers are just three examples of the measures many of us take to protect our vehicles. Despite these measures, there are still ways that different hazards can find ways to damage our vehicles. Everyday debris such as moisture, tree sap, road salt, and bugs can seriously harm the clear coat and paint on any vehicle. Thankfully, Xpel offers high-quality paint protection film that will keep your vehicle safe from the elements. Take a look at our exclusive Xpel catalogue right here.

How Paint Protection Helps You 

Usually, when thinking about things that can damage our vehicles, we focus on the big issues: accidents, burglars, vandals, etc. However, we rarely consider the damage that can accumulate over time by small environmental factors such as excess moisture, sticky tree sap, corrosive road salt, and flying road debris.

All of these factors can cause serious damage to your vehicle that looks terrible and is costly or impossible to fix. The type of damage becomes easy to overlook because it happens slowly over time; you might not notice a difference day-to-day, but one day you’ll step back from your beloved vehicle and wonder why the paint is so scratched and dull.

The best way to avoid this damage is paint protection film. The film acts as an invisible layer of armour to protect your vehicle against environmental assailants. Avoid paint touch-ups and vehicle body repair by investing in protective film.

A protective film is the best option because it is a preventative solution. Repairs and touch-ups deal with damage after it’s happened, whereas film prevents the damage from happening in the first place. PPF can be selectively applied to the areas of your vehicle that are at the highest risk for damage, such as the hood, side mirrors, and fenders. We are happy to chat to help you figure out where your vehicle needs the most protection.

Which Vehicles Need Protection?

Some people intuitively believe that rugged vehicles don’t need paint protection, believing that big SUVs and trucks can handle themselves without PPF. The truth is that there is nothing about the paint on rugged vehicles that make it any more resistant than other vehicles. In fact, if you are planning on taking your vehicle for some off-road adventuring, PPF becomes a necessity.

No paint job is immune from damage, so it makes sense to protect your vehicle as much as possible. Paint protective film slows the process of wear to keep your vehicle in showroom condition. Give your vehicle a chance to stand up to the elements. Get in touch with the experts at CJ’s today.