Ceramic Lite Glass Coating

A durable, cost effective, & glossy nano ceramic glass coating

Ceramic Lite is a durable, slick, hydrophobic window coating that will provide a high level of clarity to your windshield and side windows. Its superb durability is proven by 60,000+ real world client vehicle installations. Ceramic lite window coating packs quite a punch in terms of durability and performance. It can't be beat at this price point for clarity. visibility. durability.
  • Ceramic Lite: Windshield

  • $ 200 add-on service
    • Add-on service to ceramic vehicle coating
    • Wash & decontamination treatment
    • Clay bar & exterior polish
    • Xpel Ceramic Lite application on paint & windows
    • 1+ year durability rating
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  • Ceramic Lite: Back Glass

  • $ 100 add-on service
    • Add-on service to ceramic vehicle coating
    • Wash & decontamination treatment
    • Clay bar & exterior polish
    • Xpel Ceramic Lite application on paint & windows
    • 1+ year durability rating
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What Are The Benefits?

Keep your windows crystal clear


Hydrophobic (Water Resistant)

Ceramic Lite glass coating is specifically designed for your vehicle’s windows. It has excellent durability and does not affect the motion of wipers. The super hydrophobic effect of the coating allows water to simply bead up and flow off the glass while you are driving.

Having your front and side glass crystal clear at all times is vital for safety, especially for night and winter driving.

75% Hydrophobic


Keep Dirt & Rain at Bay

Ceramic Lite lasts for up to 12 months in automotive use. Unprotected glass can be a nusiance during rain as water can cover the windows decreasing visibility and becoming a safety hazard. Having Ceramic Lite on all windows will increase visibility by repelling water and allowing it to bead up and flow right off the glass. It will also keep the glass cleaner longer, since dirt and grime simply will not stick to it.

100% Clarity

Ceramic Lite Glass Durability: 1+ Years ✓ 0
RainX Durability: 3 Months ✗ 0

Improved Driver Response

In tests conducted by a major university, better visibility improved driving response time up to a full second or more. At highway speeds, that’s almost four car lengths of extra stopping distance! You can improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort while increasing ease of frost, ice, salt, mud and bug removal.


Great for Headlights, Too

After removing fog and haze from your headlights with a good detail service, coating the lenses in high quality ceramic coating can guarantee that your lights remain at full brightness for easy nighttime driving, no matter what the weather is like. UV light, stones, dirt, debris, mud, and condensation all play a role in reducing your headlight effectiveness. You can clear up all of these issues with one simple application of ceramic glass coating and breathe easy.

Ceramic Coatings FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions

What are the differences between your ceramic coatings?

The specific differences can be seen on each product page, but to simplify things a bit, as the price point increases between Ceramic Lite, Ceramic Premium, and Satin Ceramic, you will enjoy increased hydrophobia, increased durability, increased warranty time, and even higher gloss.

Are ceramic coatings just for paint?

No, we offer ceramic coatings for the entire exterior of your vehicle, including paint, plastic trim, wheels and calipers, as well as your windows and headlight coverings.

We can protect every inch of your vehicle making it look factory fresh for as long as possible.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Compared to regular waxing, which only lasts about 3-6 months before fading away, you can expect ceramic coating durability to last from 1-5+ years depending on the type of ceramic coating you opt for. In actual fact, you can expect them to last much longer than the durations listed, but they represent the official warranty period.

What is involved in the process?

Every one of our exterior coating services include a complete exterior clean before we begin the ceramic coating process. When a vehicle is brought in we:

  1. Hand wash and dry
  2. Perform a full decontamination treatment
  3. Conduct a bumper to bumper clay bar treatment
  4. Complete an extensive exterior polish
  5. Apply the selected ceramic coating
  6. Allow the coating to fully cure

When you see the extensive amount of preparation and effort that goes into making a car look and feel like it just came from the factory, the prices represent a tremendous value. Our customers are always thrilled!

Are there ever extra fees?

The only extra fees that could be charged are if your vehicle will require a complete paint correction before we apply the ceramic coating. This can happen if your vehicle is not new and has extensive swirl and scratch marks.

The paint correction add-on price varies based on the size of the vehicle and severity of the job, but ranges from $400-800.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes you do! You can get in touch with us through our contact page right here, or you can give us a call at 250-385-2489 to speak to someone about your options.