The Low Down on Floor Mats

The Low Down on Floor Mats

The benefits of car mats are obvious – they protect your car’s carpet and flooring from dirt, mud, salt, and water. But choosing between the different types of mats that are available can be less obvious. Some mats offer exceptional protection but don’t look very good, while some offer a premium look and feel without doing much protection. Here is a brief breakdown of what to look for.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber mats offer outstanding protection, durability, and ease of maintenance. Typically, all that is required to clean them is a stiff brush and water. If you’re constantly tracking mud and wet snow into your vehicle, rubber mats will help protect your interior better than carpet.

The downside of rubber mats typically comes down to aesthetics and feel. Rubber mats don’t look very premium, and often crease in strange places, forming annoying gaps. Rubber mats are usually only found in black or dark grey, which may not match your interior. Rubber mats don’t look bad, but if you’ve really invested in a beautiful interior, they aren’t helping very much.

Carpet Floor Mats

Generally speaking, carpet floor mats sacrifice durability and protection capabilities for aesthetics and price point. Carpet mats work for protecting your interior from light dirt and daily wear-and-tear, but anything serious like tracked in snow will seep through and damage your interior. The advantage of carpet mats is that they typically look nicer than rubber mats, and you are more likely to get a colour that matches your interior.

TuxMat combines the durability and performance of rubber floor mats with a premium, high quality feel.

The Best of Both Worlds

CJ’s Autobling is an exclusive dealer of TuxMat floor mats. TuxMat combines the durability and performance of rubber floor mats with a premium, high quality feel. Using lasers, TuxMat creates scans of the interior of each make and model of vehicle to ensure a perfect fit.

TuxMats are made of three layers. The top layer is made of thick vinyl with a textured, leather-like finish. This top layer is durable, 100% waterproof, and provides easy cleanup, just like rubber mats. The middle layer is an EVA foam, which gives the mats a luxurious feel. The bottom layer is an anti-skid cloth, which helps ensure that the mats stay in place.

Other features of TuxMats are a heavy duty rubber heel pad under the driver’s right foot, our retention hook system, and side security clips to prevent slipping. Here is a link to get even more details on TuxMat.