Ceramic Gets Your Car Ready For Summer

Ceramic Gets Your Car Ready For Summer

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you take pride in the way your vehicle looks. You probably also know that a properly maintained vehicle will fetch more on the used market than one that’s been neglected, so you will eventually recoup what you invest in your car’s appearance.

Maintaining your car in perfect condition is a never-ending battle, and it seems like Mother Nature has a curveball up her sleeve for each season. In the spring and summer, you must defend against increased UV exposure, sand, pollen, saltwater, and acidic bird excrement. To contend with these ongoing and ever-fluctuating challenges, so many modern motorists are using ceramic coatings to protect their vehicles.

The three main reasons why people choose ceramic coatings over more conventional waxes and sealants are protection, style, and hands-off maintenance.

Automotive ceramic coatings have been taking the detailing industry by storm, and for good reason. Many of the traditional functions of carnauba wax are better performed by ceramic coatings, and there are a few things that ceramic coatings offer that wax can not. Here is what you need to know about ceramic coatings, and how they can protect your car this summer.

What are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are liquids that come in tiny bottles and are typically applied with a small sponge. Technically, a ceramic coating is described as a liquid polymer composed of nano-ceramic particles suspended in a clear resin. Once applied to a surface, the resin forms a molecular bond with the surface and acts as a protective layer.

Whereas traditional waxes only last for a few weeks before requiring replacement, high-quality ceramic coatings will last for years and years. All coatings offered by CJ’s Autobling are hydrophobic and have a beautiful glossy finish, but different formulas are available that focus on specific areas of performance. Read all about our different options right here.

Should You Get a Ceramic Coating?

The three main reasons why people choose ceramic coatings over more conventional waxes and sealants are protection, style, and hands-off maintenance.

Protection. If you are interested in protecting your paint from fading caused by UV radiation, etching from acidic bird droppings, or staining from tree sap, ceramic coatings are your only option. No other protective measure (short of keeping your ride permanently garage-bound) will match the protective properties of a high-quality ceramic coating.

Style. Here’s a secret: ceramic coatings don’t actually create a deep, vibrant, glossy finish – the paint does that. Ceramic coatings merely preserve that perfect finish. The key to getting a breathtaking result is all in the preparation. That’s why it’s so important to have your ceramic coating applied by a detailing expert. Anyone can smear on a layer of coating, but only a true detailing artist will take the necessary time and care to properly prepare your car to receive the coating. When you come to CJ’s Autobling, we make sure that the coating seals in perfection. Read more about our process here.

Maintenance. Ceramic coatings aren’t maintenance-free, but taking care of them is very simple. As water can’t stick to ceramic coatings (that’s what “hydrophobic” means), your car will stay cleaner for longer. When the time comes to wash your car, the process will be faster and easier than ever, and your car will look like the day the coating was applied.

Trust the Best, Forget the Rest

If you start looking around the internet, you will see ads for budget coatings. We urge you to ignore these temptations and go with a high-quality option. Check out our products page, you might be surprised by how affordable high-quality ceramic coatings are. And when you consider that they last for years on end, the choice becomes obvious.

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