Is DIY Badge Removal a Good Idea?

Is DIY Badge Removal a Good Idea?

When it comes to automotive maintenance and customization, there are jobs that can be done at home and others that should be handled by the pros. Let’s take a look at how badge removal is actually done so you can decide whether or not it’s something you want to tackle yourself, or simply get it done at a shop.

Any mistakes along the way can mean serious paint damage or an ugly job.

Remove the Badge

When it comes to de-badging a car, the first step is the easy one. There are several methods to choose from, and which method we use will depend on the age of your vehicle – the older the car, the more difficult the job and the more careful we must be.

To get the badge off, we use heat to loosen the adhesive and a thin wire or line to separate the badge from the tape underneath. DIYers often apply too much heat, resulting in blistered and discoloured paint.

Remove the Tape

If there are no pins fastening the badge to the body panel, the badge will be attached with double sided tape. Every make and model of car comes with different types of tape which need to be dealt with differently. At CJ’s, your vehicle is in experienced hands that will be familiar with what lurks underneath your badge.

We use specialized tools and adhesive removers to get the tape off the body panel. These tools and solvents help us quickly, easily, and safely separate the tape from your car. Without these special tools and chemicals, DIYers are at high risk of damaging the paint, creating a big problem.

Remove Residual Adhesive

After removing the tape, there is almost always a residue. Removing this residue can go one of two ways: if the correct solvent is used, the residue can simply be lightly scrubbed away without a trace; if an inferior or improper solvent is used (different types of tape from different manufacturers may require different solvents) you are left scrubbing and scrubbing, eventually damaging the paint and probably still having some residue left over.


To make the job completely flawless, the entire area should be polished. A professional automotive detailer has the skills and tools necessary to get a perfect uniform finish to the entire body panel, meaning there will be no hint that the badge was ever there. To get a better than factory-fresh look, it’s always best to go with the pros.

Why Take The Risk?

While it’s perfectly possible to de-badge your own car, any mistakes along the way can mean serious paint damage or an ugly job – not to mention that without the proper tools and products, the job will take ages. This is one job we recommend you leave to the pros. At CJ’s, badge removal is a quick process that gets you back on the road in style – just send us a message.