Wrapping Commercial Vehicles: 6 Myths

Wrapping Commercial Vehicles: 6 Myths

We all know that vinyl-wrapped cars are incredibly eye-catching and flashy. However, the popularity of vinyl wraps has led to many of us forgetting that a vinyl wrapped vehicle is one of the newest and most dynamic ways to advertise. Here is a link to our wrapping service at Cj’s Autobling. The combination of popularity and youth has resulted in many myths and misunderstanding surrounding vinyl car wraps. Unfortunately, many businesses have lost out on one of the most effective and efficient format of advertising because of these myths.

Every good business owner priorities the safety and wellbeing of their employees and assets. Therefore, it is natural that many business owners are skeptical to this new form of advertising. We firmly believe that education is the best way to combat concern that is derived from unfamiliarity. Take a look at the following list, which contains the 6 most common myths about vinyl car wraps.

Myth #1 Vinyl Wraps Damage Vehicle Paint

There is no way a vinyl wrap will damage vehicle paint that is completely cured and in relatively good condition. Contrary to this, vinyl wraps actually help to protect the paint from UV radiation and light abrasion.

We help our clients assess the condition of their vehicle’s paint before deciding to proceed with the wrap. The better the paint is, the better the wrap will stick. If there are spots where the paint has begun to bubble or flake off, these issues need to be corrected before the wrap is applied.

Myth #2 It’s Hard to See Through Them

This is probably the most common concern we hear, and it is a perfectly reasonable concern to have. From the outside and at a distance, vinyl wraps over the window appear completely opaque, which begs the question, “How the heck is the driver able to see out?”

Small perforations in the wrap that covers windows allows drivers fantastic visibility through the wrap itself. A little pro tip: the more upright a window is, the easier it will be to see out of after a wrap. All this being said, many of our clients prefer to have the front windshield, back windshield, and from door windows of their vehicle left uncovered.

Myth #3 Wraps Don’t Last Very Long

The expected lifespan of a vehicle wrap is 5 to 7 years. Like vehicle paint, how long a wrap lasts largely depends on the conditions it is subjected to and how well it is maintained. Extreme weather or heavy abrasion could shorten the life of your wrap below 5 years, but most of our clients can expect at least 5 years from their wrap.

If you maintain your wrap like you maintain your paint, your wrap will easily last over 5 years. Additionally, small chips or tears in the vinyl can be quickly repaired by us to protect against further damage and corrosion.

Myth #4 You’re Not Allowed to Wrap A Leased Car

To avoid issues with maintenance, the purchasing and selling of vehicles, and normal wear and tear, many companies prefer to lease their vehicles instead of purchasing them. Unfortunately, many companies that lease their vehicles are under the impression that they may not wrap their cars, because they are worried about violating the terms of the lease.

The reality is that most leasing companies understand how useful wrapping cars is for their clients, and are happy for their clients to have their cars wrapped. The leasing companies know that wraps are easy to remove when the lease is over, and will actually protect the paint on their vehicle.

Myth #5 It Is Difficult to Remove Vinyl Wraps

Wrap removal is considered part of the wrapping process. When you bring your vehicle to a professional wrapping company, they will prepare your vehicle in such a way that the wrap can be easily and cleanly removed with an application of heat.

Myth #6 Vinyl Wraps are Ineffective Advertising

This one is just false information. Vinyl wraps cost pennies compared to a custom paint job, and avoid the ongoing costs of billboards or TV ads. Vinyl wraps give your company a serious brand recognition factor and reach more people than traditional advertising methods.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get your company name out there. Here are more details about our vinyl wrapping services, or just give us a shout anytime – we’re always happy to chat.